Psst#11 5 tips to dress to beat the heat in Summer

  1. If you spend a lot of time out in the Sun for your work wear full sleeves they protect your skin better. Same goes for covering your legs. Unless you are willing to lather yourself up every 2 hours with sunscreen it is better to wear covered bottom wear. Choose loose bottom wear instead of skinny fit.
  2. Carry a Stole/Scarf/Hat/Cap to cover your head and face to prevent heat exhaustion. Wear shades or sunglasses to protect your eyes. Stick to lighter colors, whites, pastels and shades of blue, yellow and green. Don’t be afraid to try patterns in your garments. Try wearing Shirts with lighter shaded Chinos which will be more comfortable in Summer.
  3. Wear Cotton garments instead of other materials. Linen also works very well for Formalwear in Office.
  4. Change your socks everyday if you wear formal shoes. Air your shoes after your return home. If your feet sweat use a foot spray to keep them odor free. If you wear leather shoes use a colorless cream polish to keep the leather from drying out and cracking.
  5. Don’t forget to wear deo before leaving home. Do not spray the Deo on your cotton clothes, it will leave a patch and weaken the threads of the garment. Try to wear citrus notes in your perfume or cologne.

I hope these help.

Do write in for any tips you may have in the comments section.




10 ways to beat the heat this Summer.

1. Shower – Take a shower as early as possible in the day. Take a shower when you return home. Try taking a shower before you go to sleep. If you have sensitive hair use a shower cap.
2.  Bath – Use a bath oil in your bath water, try to use a similar fragrance for your other products like body splash.
3. Soap – Clean away the dirt and sweat with a mild anti bacterial soap. Don’t forget to use face wash for the excess oil and sweat on your face. Try using a foaming face wash to reduce oiliness.
4. Drink – Have a small bottle of water with you at all times so you can sip it. Avoid chilled water, carbonated drinks and alcohol. Try some fruit juice like mango or water melon with some ice cubes.
5. Greens – Try to increase the intake of salads, with lettuce, onion, cucumber etc.
6. Sunscreen – Never miss wearing sunscreen.  Don’t forget about your feet and legs. Carry a travel pack for re application.
7. Wipes- Carry wet facial wipes for instantly refreshing your face. Use non alcohol based wipes. Carry refreshing facial spray that can cool you off and leave a lingering perfume.
8. Fragrance – Layer your fragrance with bath oil, after bath spray, moisturizer,  perfume. Avoid deodorant with alcohol, it dries your skin.
9. Moisturize – Don’t ignore moisturizer in summer,  your skin still needs it.  Don’t use the winter product in summer.  Get a light and fragrant moisturizer meant for summer.
10. Cover – Carry umbrella or hat. Use cotton stole, scarf etc to protect hair and face from the Sun, heat, dust and pollution.

And don’t let the Summer get the better of you.



Here’s a fun summer tip. Add a stem of Mint leaves to the bottled water and refrigerate. The water will feel fresh and minty. Don’t forget to change the stem of Mint each time you refill the bottle.

You can add mint sprigs to your lemonade, Tang, Rasna or any other cool drink you make.

And for the folks who like a bit of buzz, add bruised mint leaves to your rum and coke.