So I sat down to watch the cricket match between India and Pakistan in the ongoing Asia Cup. What a disappointment it was to realise that Asia Cup is now a T20 game. Don’t get me wrong I like my IPL but Asia Cup of the legends was a 50 over ODI. And I certainly cribbed enough about it. But what irked me more was Kohli playing well. I have to confess I dislike Kohli. The dislike  is more like hate and less like irritation. If anyone asked me what is the reason for this I wouldn’t be able to give a logical reason.  The dislike is just there. Every time I see him I just feel an intense desire to slap him. I tried to understand why I dislike him so much. I just can’t seem to tolerate him. Somehow he makes me angry.  His body language makes me angry. He may be a nice guy and a good player but every time I read about him all I hear is about his aggression and his passion and blah blah. Somehow he seems to me to be like this testosterone fuelled dumb bell pumping tattoo sporting crass fellow sitting in his car playing loud music at any Delhi signal.  I don’t know whether it is my dislike for the  Delhites that’s tainting my vision but Kohli just makes me wanna punch him in the face.
I am sure he wouldn’t mind getting  into a but of fight because he is always raring to pick a fight and rough up people. Remember his abusive behavior at an unknown journalist because he can’t remember faces and imagines all journalist to be same.
I am one of those people whose love for cricket began and ended with the Tendulkar -Ganguly -Dravid.  They were the good guys , the gentlemen of the game. Not withstanding Ganguly’s shirtless antics. They were what we associated with quiet determination and whole lot of attitude without it being crude. But I guess those days are gone. Today’s society is filled with the Kohli types. The brash and ill behaved men  who are successful and they don’t have an ounce of manners.  To expect the next guy on a bike or in a car to be decent and a good man is difficult because their idols seem to be becoming abuse spewing , iron pumping , male ego driven brutes who think they are the best.
People want to blame the Television  and movie for the changed social interactions I blame people like Kohli who makes being aggressive and showing off his male ego as something to ape and somthing that gets you paid.
As I said I dislike Kohli and would really like to punch him in the face.  And if I ever came face to face I will tell him that he is a rude and uncultured little man with some talent but that doesn’t make him a sporting hero in my books.