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Reading List April 2019

I keep my tradition of 2 books each month. I have been very lazy at finishing books. These books are usually 250-300 pages only so, I think I can push up my reading a bit more.

  1. Annotation 2019-05-27 172125.jpgA good thriller, based in the Gambling heaven of America, with enough details of the professional Gamblers life including the shady underbelly of crime associated with it. But the unraveling of mystery felt slightly forced, the explanation for the deed and the final unveiling of the killer felt all too melodramatic. Overall rating 3/5
  2. Annotation 2019-05-27 173108 Enjoyed this thriller linking World War 2 incidents with present day scenes, but characters are not very clearly defined, a lot of action that happens seems to be going on in the background. The final unveiling of the murderer is a long stretch of imagination, where logic takes a backseat. Overall rating 3/5.

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